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How does laser hair removal work?

A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted is well absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment, disabling numerous follicles at a time to eliminate or significantly impede the hairs growth.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The laser treatment itself can cause a slight tingling sensation. Most patients tolerate the procedure well. Because some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, topical anesthesia can be an option.

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What can I expect during laser treatment?

Treatment will take place in your practitioners office. Your practitioner will use a small hand piece to deliver each laser pulse. A treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the treatment area and the condition being treated.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on the treatment you require and the condition of your skin. For hair removal, multiple treatments are required. Other conditions may clear up in only one treatment, but many factors impact the efficacy of treatments, including the severity of the condition being treated.

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