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Chin Augmentation strengthens the profile and improves a weak chin. Individuals often are surprised at the dramatic improvement in their appearance after the procedure. Incision is made in the mouth. In some cases a genioplasty (chin augmentation) is performed in conjunction with a neck lift, face lift and or nose contouring for optimal results. A small chin can make ones nose look too long. For example, if a nose is made smaller and a chin larger, a more symmetrical face appearance can be achieved. Also, the operation can also greatly enhance the results of a face lift or a neck lift since loss of chin projection may occur with aging.

How is the Procedure done?

Through a small incision underneath the chin or inside the mouth where it will be completely hidden, the surgeon positions a medical grade synthetic implant in front of the individual’s natural chin. This procedure is best performed in an adult after growth of the jaw and chin has stopped.

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How will you look after surgery?

Following the procedure, a bandage is placed over the chin area for a few days only. There is usually mild to moderate swelling that occurs postoperatively. The procedure results in minimal discomfort, which can be controlled with medications prescribed by your surgeon. Make up can be applied as soon as the bandage is removed. Shortly after chin augmentation, patients notice significant improvement in their appearance, especially in a profile view.

Chin Implant Case Study


Chin Implants With Nizar Merheb MD


Chin Implants With Nizar Merheb MD

Chin Implants With Nizar Merheb MD

Chin Implants With Nizar Merheb MD

Dr. Merheb performed Chin Augmentation to correct a weak chin and improve the patient’s profile.

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