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One of the first signs of aging occurs in the neck resulting in what most people call a double chin. A neck lift is a wonderful procedure for individuals desiring an improved contour of their neck. An isolated neck lift is best performed on those who have a double chin without jowls. This is best suited for the younger patient. This procedure is often combined with a chin implant to improve facial profile.

In an older individual there is often excessive loose skin and jowls with more bands in the center of the neck resulting in what is called a turkey neck. A neck lift is then combined with a facelift for optimum results.

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How is the procedure done?

A Neck Lift is a surgical procedure performed in our office outpatient surgery suite. It involves a small incision under the chin. The procedure begins with liposuction in the neck followed by tightening of underlying neck muscles. The result is a more defined neck contour and a younger more attractive profile.

How will you look after surgery?

Patients wear a head dressing for twenty-four hours only. Afterwards, the head dressing is worn at night only for five to seven days. Sutures are removed on day five. Swelling usually resolves within five to seven days. Faint bruising may persist beyond one week but can be easily covered by make-up or an appropriate shirt. Minimal discomfort can be expected following the procedure, which can be controlled with medications prescribed by your surgeon.

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